There used to be a plugin for earlier versions of Movable Type called MT-Mail-Entry that allowed you to send friends a HTML-formatted email that included the entire entry. For 3.5 users, it works fine. For anyone that upgraded it's no longer an option.

I've seen several requests from MT4 users for a plugin to send emails and Dan Wolfgang has provided a solution with a plugin called Share. Here's what he has to say about it:

I had a problem viewing some of the comments on one of my posts. I thought it must be a comment limit somewhere in the code, and after checking all the templates and scripts, I couldn't find anything that limited the number of comments displayed.

I read through the Activity Log, which I've found to be a great troubleshooting tool.

I found the following 3 errors:

Movable Type has released a security upgrade that fixes XSS vulnerabilities, and recommends updating to 4.23 as a mandatory. The vulnerability hasn't been exploited yet, but this update will ensure that your installation is secure.

I read one problem in particular on the MT forum that I took into account when updating. If you've installed the recent update for StyleCatcher, then do no update this plugin. The version included in the release is an older version than the one recommended for use with the Sandbox Plugin version 1.1.

Remember to keep a backup of your old directory before updating. That way you have a copy of your previous version and can reinstate if anything goes wrong. My upgrade was smooth and hassle-free. I hope your is too.

The plugin for Joost Action Streams has been updated to include favourites. If you've previously installed this plugin I recommend deleting Joost from "Other Profiles" and all the Joost activity and re-adding it to your "Other Profiles".

Joost-just_watched.jpgIf you've turned in to a Joost junkie like I have, you may find this useful. I came across a handy script today on Libby's site for showing the latest watched videos on Joost and have included it in the sidebar on my Activity Stream. It didn't show the thumbnail for the video, however the possibility was included in the code, so after some editing, I was able to get it to show up.

There's a tutorial on Rob Kenny's The Composing Stick with instructions for adding AddThis or ShareThis buttons to your posts. After receiving a request today, I decided to show where the code goes if you're using the Mid-Century Template Set.

How do you add the ShareThis link on your post? I use the same theme, but I don't know how to do it. Can you please put that as a tutorial on your site?

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